Emergency Rescue and Disaster Relief

Peaceland Foundation response to various types of natural disaster and humanitarian crisis relief. As its establish in 2018, it has assembled a professional emergency response team, most of whose rescue experts have over 10 years of experience in rescue. You can find their stories here.

Over the past few years, Peaceland Foundation has been active in flood rescue (Iran 2019; annually in southern China), cyclones (South Africa 2019), wildfires (China and Australia 2019), earthquakes (China 2019 and 2021), mountain and glacier search and rescue (Mongolia 2018 and China 2021), cave rescue (Thailand 2018) and humanitarian assistance for explosions in Sri Lanka (2019) and Beirut (2020).

Our team has rapid and systematic response. In addition to the rescue work on the front line, we also work in parallel on humanitarian aid, providing people with life necessities and disinfecting the afflicted area. Apart from the emergency response, we offer a variety of training programmes for relief workers and organise disaster prevention events, which have a long-term impact on disaster reduction.

To learn more about out previous projects, please see the historical timeline and our previous action reports.

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