Peaceland Foundation is an international non-profit organization delivering emergence responses and long-term educational programs in global humanitarian crisis and environmental challenges.
Established in China in 2018, Peaceland Foundation works closely with crisis experts, public diplomacy experts, and entrepreneurs to seek adapt and innovative approaches for humanitarian responses.

Peaceland Foundation has set up offices in Beijing, Geneva, Cambodia, Lebanon, and Zimbabwe. It also has proposed launching the “China Civil Network for International Humanitarian Assistance” and ” China Humanitarian & Sustainable Development Initiative”.


By the end of 2020, Peaceland Foundation has benefited around 1 million people from 23 countries through disaster relief, landmine clearance, refugee aids and wildlife protection.

Our mission

Bring emerging forces together to innovate global governance.

Our Vision

To be a crisis responder with the courage to act and to make the world more peaceful and less volatile.

Our Strategy

To create international public welfare organizations that respond to humanitarian and environmental crises and have the impetus to innovate.


Peaceland Foundation is guided by its core value of compassion, justice, solidarity, and innovation. We work with professional emergency responders, humanitarian workers and volunteers from all works of life. Everyone is inevitably affected by global crises, yet more importantly, we’re ALL part of the solution. We can act together.


Peaceland Foundation is actively involved in international humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, both in short-term emergency responses (natural disasters, explosions, and missing person) and in long-term disaster prevention and mitigation projects, refugee assistance, demining and ecological protection operations. With respect for different cultures, we have worked in 23 countries. The protection of vulnerable groups and the enhancement of local sustainable development are at the heart of all our missions.


Peaceland Foundation is an international platform that funds, participates in and manages global humanitarian assistance operations. We are committed to promote systematic and sustainable development programmes.

We work with local people to ensure we work for their needs, while aligning our resources in terms of funding, experts, and equipment. We give sustainable financial supports to education, healthcare, and ecological protection.