Cyclone Idai Rescue Implementation Report

Rescue Implementation Report 

                 ---Cyclone Idai in Africa


Project Brief




According to the news released by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affair (OCHA), the severe tropical cyclone “Idai” hit three southern African countries, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi at the beginning of March 2019. Nearly three million people had been affected. As of 12th April, “Idai” had caused 299 and 60 deaths in Zimbabwe and Malawi, respectively. In Mozambique, the worst-affected country, 602 people died, and 161,000 were forcibly displaced. At the same time, since 27th March, Mozambique has also experienced an outbreak of cholera. The number of infected malaria cases had been rising.


Rescue Actions




Authorized by Zimbabwe Government, at 14 pm local time on 18th March, Peaceland Foundation and China-Zimbabwe Wildlife Protection Foundation formed a joint rescue team. They brought rubber boats and other necessary equipment from MANA POOLS National Park to rescue in the affected area.




On 20th March, Peaceland rescue team arrived first in Risitu, Zimbabwe and operated there.












On 24th March, the joint team also arrived in Risitu and assisted the relief activities.






According to the local situation and needs of the affected areas in Mozambique, a second rescue team was dispatched by the Peaceland Foundation. They arrived at the early morning on 31st March in Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique, and brought nearly one-ton material, including water purification, medical supplies, and anti-cholera disinfectants. 





After being hit by the devastating cyclone, a cholera epidemic broke out in Mozambique. One government official stated on 2nd April that the number of people infected with cholera had exceeded 1,400. The vaccine brought by the Peaceland Foundation had brought hope to the disaster area, and the epidemic was expected to be controlled.






On 2nd April, the rescue team of Peaceland Foundation arrived in Beira, Mozambique. They carried out disaster relief work in Tica and Picoco resettlement areas, adesmo orphanage and Lar Siloé church orphanage, including epidemic prevention and elimination, and safe drinking water evaluation. More than 45,000 people were benefited from their actions.




Children drinking contaminated and dirty water in the affected areas by the Cyclone Idai.







The Foundation donated a water purification system to the disaster-stricken areas in Mozambique. The system had been established and operated in the adesmo orphanage to address the drinking water problem of nearly 600 householders in Massane village, District 16. It served more than 3000 people with clean drinkable water and protected the orphans and villagers from cholera and other diseases.









On 12th April, Wang Xiusheng, Political Counselor from China’s Embassy to Malawi, on behalf of the Peaceland Foundation, handed over 15-ton food to Dicey, Deputy Director of Disaster Control Bureau of Malawi. The donated materials would assist the affected local people by the Cyclone Idai. Zhou Shanjian, Chairman of Chinese Commerce Associate (Lilongwe), and local Chinese people and expatriates provided lots of help for the donation. Besides donations from the Peaceland Foundation, the Chinese government had already furnished huge assistance to Malawi government and their people. Dicey, Deputy Director, expressed his gratitude toward the Chinese government and people for their generous donations.



Expenses Details


On 18 March 2019, the Peaceland Foundation launched an emergency response and started a fundraising program named “Donation to support the affected people by the Cyclone Idai” through Tencent Philanthropic Platform. In total, 1,000,106.4 RMB were collected.