Peaceland Foundation in action| Emergency response to Turkey–Syria earthquakes

On February 6, 2023, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake, one of the deadliest this century, struck southern Turkey near the Syrian border. By the 8th, the earthquake has killed more than 11,000 people, and approximately 54,000 people were injured in both countries, according to the latest news from the authority.

Buildings destroyed by the earthquake in turkey (Xinhua News Agency)


Shortly after the earthquake, Beijing Peaceland Foundation sent letters to the embassies of Turkey and Syria, actively coordinated with relevant departments to identify needs, and dispatched a 9-member and an 11-member rescue team to Turkey and Syria respectively to carry out rescue activities in the frontline.

Beijing Peaceland Foundation rescue team

Rescue team members undertaking pre-departure briefing


Beijing time on 9 February, the two rescue teams departed from Beijing Capital International Aiport, transited through the United Arab Emirates’ capital Abu Dhabi and landed in Turkey and Syria on 10 February.


Rescue team awaiting departure at the airport


Upon arrival, the rescue team plans to discuss with local government and relevant agencies to establish goals. Afterward, the teams will head to the quake-stricken areas to help with relief efforts such as rescuing survivors and mitigating risks.

Relief items and rescue equipment carried by the rescue team


As the only Chinese non-governmental organization to join the relief effort in Syria, Peaceland will share first-hand information to facilitate further donation and assistance.

The rescue team departing Beijing in heavy snow


With rich rescue experience and professional rescue skills, Peaceland Foundation has carried out international rescue activities in many countries in Asia and Africa, such as the post-explosion reconstruction in Lebanon, the search and rescue of missing teenagers in a Thailand cave, relief effort during Hurricane Idei, mine clearance in Cambodia, humanitarian aid for refugees and anti-poaching in Zimbabwe.


We pray for the victims in Turkey and Syria, and wish the rescue teams a successful mission!


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