Peaceland Foundation Action in November

Over the past month, Peaceland Foundation has been active in providing humanitarian assistance for forest fires in Tanzania. Earlier this month, we provided emergency supplies such as blankets and food to firefighters in response to the October 21 Forest fire in Tanzania's Kilimanjaro National Park. We also provided DJI drones to Kilimanjaro National Park for future environmental monitoring and disaster management.


Later this month, we organized an educational session for locals (25 people) on forest fire prevention and ways to make animal repellent tools to avoid human-animal conflict, a big issue in the village of Olmolog. We will continue to focus on environmental protection, climate change and community development in Tanzania.


In Cambodia, we continue our portable fuel-efficient improved stove project. In addition, we have donated projectors and printers to support local education.


On November 20, International Children's Day, we sent winter clothes to children in Afghanistan. We call for more attention to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, especially their lack of medical resources.

Lastly, good news from our Geneva office-- Peaceland Foundation is now a member of ICVA. This is a global NGO network for principled and effective humanitarian action. Joining ICVA will bridge Peaceland Foundation to other global NGOs and humanitarian workers, sharing our experience and collaborating in developing global humanitarian strategies and policies.


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