Emergency response | Humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan

Since late June, Afghanistan has been hit by earthquakes and floods, resulting in thousands of people being killed and tens of thousands of people being left homeless and struggling to survive.

Peaceland Foundation sent a six-member rescue team by air on 7th August to Afghanistan via Pakistan with 12 tons of tents, rescue equipment and other supplies to carry out disaster relief and earthquake and flood rescue training.


The team arrived in Kabul on 8th August 8 and had meetings exchanging ideas with Afghan Red Crescent and other organisations to discuss disaster relief and rescue skills training programmes, as well as inspecting training venues.

From 9th to 30th August, series of training courses including medical first aid, earthquake and water rescue theory, rope theory and practice took place. We received positive feedback on these training courses from Afghan Red Crescent Society and Afghanistan Incident Management and Fire Department. We all look forward to future collaboration.


Peaceland Foundation started providing humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan in November 2021, when we delivered 30 tons of wheat flour to help local communities survive the winter. In 2022, We delivered milk powder (for children, valued at 200,000 RMB) and clothes (jackets and coats, valued at 400,000 RMB) to Afghanistan by road and rail and support the preservation of Afghanistan's world heritage sites.

Seven days after the earthquake in Afghanistan (22nd June), Peaceland Foundation responded, with our local emergency team distributing basic foodstuffs (flour, rice and cooking oil) to 125 affected households. We acted on the needs of our beneficiaries, and our assistance in Afghanistan will continue with our partners on the ground.

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