Emergency response | Flood aid in Pakistan

Since 14th June, 2022, floods in Pakistan, triggered by torrential monsoon rains, have killed 1,717 people and left millions homeless. This has been the most severe flooding in Pakistan's recent history. This climate disaster has also been exacerbated by melting glaciers following a severe heat wave.

On 31st August, our team finished the emergency response assistance in Afghanistan and arrived in Pakistan for flood assistance. After discussed with our local partner, we decided to focus on Nowshera District, where the flood-stricken families have lost their homes and farmland. The water level has not yet completely receded, leaving behind silt and sewage that is difficult to clean, breeding many mosquitoes and insects, and filling the air with unpleasant odours.

To improve sanitation, we carried out disinfection work in the affected villages from 1st September to 5th September and purchased and delivered hygiene and epidemic prevention supplies (mosquito nets, soap, mosquito repellent cream, etc) to 860 local households.

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