Round Table Discussion Tomorrow—— Chinese NGOs’ Humanitarian Assistance in Afghanistan: Practices and Challenges


Peaceland Foundation Round Table Discussion——

Chinese NGOs’ Humanitarian Assistance in Afghanistan: Practices and Challenges


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This event will take place in Geneva at 10:00 – 12:00, on 16th September 2022 (CEST Time). There will be simultaneous interpretation in Chinese- English.


Our speakers & Agenda:

Qiu Lili——Peaceland Foundation’s humanitarian work in Afghanistan (20 min)

Qiu Lili is one of the founders of Peaceland Foundation. She is also a founder of Beijing Angel Mother Charity Foundation and Beijing Red Cross Blue Sky Rescue Team. For more than ten years, she has been focusing on the fields of child welfare, medical care, emergency rescue, and has founded or participated in many social organizations in these fields.


Wang Duanyong——Friends of Hindu Kush’s humanitarian work in Afghanistan (20 min)

Wang Duanyong is the Founder of Friends of Hindu Kush and an Associate Professor at Shanghai International Studies University. Dr. Wang holds a Ph.D. in economics, and he has served in enterprises, universities, and think tanks for more than 20 years. Since last year, Dr. Wang carried out fieldwork in Afghanistan responding to humanitarian crisis and post-war reconstruction.


Ignacio Parker——NGO Coordination for supporting international assistance (20 min)

Ignacio Parker is the Executive Director of ICVA since January 2018. He has been working in the field of development cooperation and humanitarian assistance for most of his professional life, in the past 10 years in CEO positions at international aid organisations. Ignacio has worked for Terre des Hommes, the Swiss Tropical Institute, the European Association for Development and Health and Médecines Sans Frontières.


Mariangela Bavicchi——Closing Remarks (10 min)

Mariangela Bavicchi is one of the board members of Peaceland Foundation Geneva. She has worked for more than 30 years within international organizations. She was Public Affairs Manager at UNICEF, External Relations Manager at the Global Fund, and Director of Resource Mobilization at UNAIDS, in New York and Geneva.