Annual Meeting of Technical Working Group on Mine Action Cambodia 2021

Representatives of Peaceland Foundation attended the virtual annual meeting of the Technical Working Group on Mine Action, organized by the Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA) on 25 August 2021. More than 100 representatives from foreign embassies, international organizations, civil society organizations, and frontline practitioners participated in this meeting.
During the meeting, Peaceland Foundation expressed its interests and willingness to continue the partnership with CMAA on mine action and to seek potential cooperation opportunities with other international organizations and NGOs in mine clearance and post-demining development programs during its remarks. The foundation also briefly introduced its establishment and presented the achievements of the Demining program in Cambodia from 2019 and 2020, that 70 hectares of mine-contaminated land had been cleared and handed it over to the local community.
H.E. LY Thuch, Senior Minister, First Vice-President and Chairman of TWG-MA, CMAA, expressed gratitude to China, including Peaceland Foundation, for the commitments to clear landmines and socio-economic development programs.
The Secretary-General of CMAA presented the achievements and lessons learned from the National Mine Action Strategy (NMAS) Three-Year Implementation Plan 2018-2020. He also introduced the NMAS Three-Year Implementation Plan 2021-2023, calling on all stakeholders for continuing commitments to achieving Mine Free 2025 in Cambodia.

Author: Yu Ruichuan
Editor: Li Ling, Li Tiange